These bad boys are small but seriously sucky.

Give them the flick and use your lips.

Say “no thanks” to plastic straws…

Who do we love?

As soon as we have business in Ryde that have stopped serving plastic straws, we’ll list them here so you can support them.
The Last Straw

Why are we doing this?

Every straw cup you don’t use is one less against these ugly stats.

Straws thrown away every single day

Takeaway cup not recyclable

Latest news…

More simple steps

Coffee cups can't be recycled

Coffee Cups

Putting the con in convenience. These guys are not even recyclable! And not half as handsome as their alternative.

There's no need for single use plastic bags

Plastic Bags

The average plastic bag is used for less than 12 minutes yet clogs our kitchen drawers for like eternity.

wasteful waterbottle

Water bottles

Barely ever recycled these  are bound for a waterway near you.  

Hard to recycle

Know your waste

Your recycle guide and easy ways to save more and waste less.


Simple Steps to Waste Less

We're all about positivity and achievable actions. We know the stats are dire and have plenty of info on hand for those who want to know more... but let's just concentrate on leading by example with simple steps we can all do to help make a sustainable future.

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