5 easy steps to quit single-use plastic

Sarah Tait, author of Wander Lightly shares her super simple tips

Easy steps to quit Single use Plastic

Here are some super simple tips that will help you reduce your use of single use plastic without too much effort.

  1. Skip the lid on your takeaway coffee cup – better yet invest in a reusable one 
  2. Say NO to straws
  3. Take your own reusable bag for shopping
  4. Invest in a reusable stainless steel/glass water bottle
  5. Take your own containers for the deli/butcher/takeaways

How you can further reduce your Plastic Use

Some simple things that won’t cost the earth & that you can start today to “Reduce your use”.

Invest in

  • A Stainless water bottle
  • Reusable glass coffee cup
  • Reusable Produce bags
  • Reusable Shopping bags
  • A Cutlery pouch for food on the go
  • A Stainless lunch box
  • Glass food storage containers
  • Keep a kit in your car with some of these items so you are prepared


  • Food from bulk stores
  • Liquid goods like shampoo, cleaning products & olive oil from Bulk food stores
  • Loose Produce from the supermarket or farmers markets
  • Items in glass or cardboard
  • Use bar soap over liquid soaps
  • Goods second hand or better yet fix old ones, swap or barter
  • Local goods


  • All of your used glass jars; they make excellent storage & freezing containers
  • Paper bags
  • Anything that can be reused or repurposed


  • Using Plastic straws
  • Using plastic bags in stores & from supermarkets
  • Purchasing anything wrapped in single use plastic especially takeaway food items
  • Purchasing liquids in Tetra paks, recycling is expensive & not particularly accessible
  • Purchasing bottled water & soft drinks in plastic
  • Using Balloons, they end up in turtles tummies
  • Using Glad wrap – use containers or invest in Beeswax reusable food wraps
  • Putting plastic lids on your takeaway coffee or tea if you don’t have a reusable cup
  • Using Styrofoam cups/takeaway containers; take your own


  • Shopping at your local markets
  • Take your own containers to delis or butchers
  • Composting, Bokashi or a worm farm
  • Growing your own herbs or veggies
  • Making your own food & snacks
  • Sharing & swapping tips with others
  • Check out your local, Sell buy swap, Gumtree or barter pages for treasures
  • Taking responsibility for your local area, have a beach walk to pick up some trash.
  • We as consumers have the power to change how plastic is used & distributed.

Product sites

Check out the below sites that have some great Plastic free items to get you started & remember, take it slowly, you want this to be a lifestyle change rather than a passing phase.  Do things in bite sized chunks.  If things are challenging or take lots of time the changes won’t last.  Do things as you feel ready for the change.

Food Items

Markets: Local farmers market guide in Sydney

Bulk Food stores: The Source Bulk foods – Various locations across Australia

House Hold goodies & treats

Hopefully these easy tips inspire you to make changes, however small you think they are…every little bits counts!

Lover of Yoga, nourishing food, photography, the ocean & all her creatures & living Plastic Free.

Sarah Tait

Plastic Free Living Guru, Wander Lightly

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