But aren't they recyclable?

Why takeaway coffee cups won't break down.

Whilst researching the “why” aren’t coffee cups recyclable, we came across this fun little website and thought you’d like it too.

Whilst disposable cups are marketed as ‘paper‘, they are commonly lined with polyethylene and have polystyrene lids (up to 5% plastic). In fact, 20 ‘paper cups‘ contain as much plastic as a small KeepCup.

Using disposable cups every day for a year will consume nearly a kilo of plastic. Even though KeepCup is made from plastic, KeepCup is about less plastic.

Check out the rest of the amazing facts and figures.




Simple Steps to Waste Less

We're all about positivity and achievable actions. We know the stats are dire and have plenty of info on hand for those who want to know more... but let's just concentrate on leading by example with simple steps we can all do to help make a sustainable future.

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