About us

Hi, it’s Jo and Corina. We look a little bit like this.

We love Ryde and we want to make it even greater. So we set up 5 for Ryde which is all about positive, simple, achievable steps to waste less. Thanks for joining us!

Power in numbers

The more people we represent, the bigger our collective voice and the more busineses that will support and incentivise your good deeds.

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Simple, I can do that


We hate spam too. We promise we’ll never on-sell your details and only send updates if there’s something super important.

Simple Steps to Waste Less

We’re all about positivity and achievable actions. We know the stats are dire and have plenty of info on hand for those who want to know more… but let’s just concentrate on leading by example with simple steps we can all do to help make a sustainable future.

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